I recently learned about this cool interactive effort: The Sketchbook Project. For $25, the Art House Coop will send you a sketchbook that you get to fill – in any way you want, as long as you pick a “theme” – by early January and return to them. All sketchbooks will go on a national tour, and for an extra fee, you can have yours scanned in and shared digitally.

This could be a good way to get the drawing muscles activated, and I’m typically motivated by deadlines. The key is to be flexible with the “theme” – be creative as you follow the path and investigate all meanings of the words/concepts of your theme.

And a great follow-along would be this art blog on the NY Times! James McMullan is providing a lesson every week for 12 weeks on DRAWING, which could provide great fuel to the actual practice of sketching.

I just need to order my sketchbook now…

(Followup, added 10/27/2010 – I didn’t order the sketchbook after all, since I think I have my hands full with starting this blog, and with a figure drawing class that I’m taking. Next year?)