I love the NY Times as a resource, and while I’m going to try not to lean too heavily on it, I’m also not going to avoid its obvious intelligence and depth. This morning, they ran an amazing video on the history of Op-Ed (opposite the editorial page) Art, check it out! I find several components interesting:

First, the intersection of graphic design, art, and writing in Op-Art. This combination is beauty – visuals and type convey many messages, whether you are listening or not. What type do you see around you? What do you not see?

Second, the video discusses a bit of history that I’d like to pursue further – the arrival of many Russian illustrators to the United States, during and after the Cold War. I’m curious about the recent decades of Art History, and I’ll investigate more of that in this blog. What do we call the current Art movement(s)? What are the recent events and thought patterns in art that have led up to today? What about the Kowalskis?