Went to an amazing talk by Yael Kanarek on Nov. 9th at the CU Art Museum. She is a multi-media artist from New York/Israel, and she presented on the topic of Visualizing Language. She has created a whole new alter universe, called World of Awe, in which the narrator travels through a time-space gap on the lower-east side in Manhattan, and travels through this new world in search of….

What struck me most, while at this talk, was the reminder of all of the separate worlds within our whole existence on this planet. Around the globe there are SO many different cultures and languages, and also “languages of type” – in other words, people that tend towards a certain interest also have a language about that interest, and speak about it in a certain way. To outsiders, it seems a little foreign, until you hang around for a while. I noticed this when Yael was speaking, or when I talk with other artists. There is a flowing stream-like quality to the speech and topic, and artists seem to be able to tap into another language to describe what they are getting at. This is because what artists are getting at is typically non-verbal, so of course they (we) are trying to speak as close to that experience as possible.

I find it thrilling to be a part of this dialogue.