Cool happenings in 2010 (sabbatical + studio = creativity integration project & art coming back to life) provide fertile ground for artistic resolutions in 2011! Here they are:

  • Finish several large “hand” pieces, keep dialing in technique
  • Get imaginative with layering: layering ideas, layering papers & prints, layering technique & materials
  • Practice art+thought+technology: this blog, and twitter @talismanplace, @boulderart (given to me by Lindsey Cash)
  • Education: taking a screen printing class this spring, spurs new techniques, learning the field of printmaking

What are your creative resolutions…?

If you don’t feel like you have a concrete imaginative aspiration, one resolution could be to pick a creative “muse”. Who inspires you? What do you remember about creativity (art/design/architecture/music/etc) in your childhood? What are your passions? Pick one person/piece/event that stands out to you, and look more closely. Read about it, hang up a picture, get curious…

Happy New Year!!!

Organic intensity – Energy – and motion made visible – memories arrested in space – human needs and motives – acceptance.”  –Jackson Pollack, found written on the back of a photo of himself.