Well, after a year of hemming and hawing about how to get started blogging, I finally figured it out. Since being “on sabbatical” this summer and following my intuition on how to spend my time, I found that I’ve been drawn strongly to my creative side. I have been integrating “artistic” and “creative” into my “real life” and I think I can share that experience clearly with others.

Part 1 – Outer – There are so many amazing creative resources out there, and I’d like to compile and share them. Just a small sample: Rebekah West is just finishing up a 100 post blog from Australia called “Everyday Solutions to Creative Obstacles”; Theresa Haberkorn, a printmaker in Boulder who is doing amazing work, has a printmaking blog; there is a great column on the NY Times on drawing for the next 12 weeks; to name a few…

Part 2 – Inner – I’m exploring my own artwork, finally. I took enough classes in undergrad to practically equal an art minor, although it’s not official. I continued writing along the years, and I’ve been part of a writing group for over 10 years now, but I haven’t continued my drawing or other fine art practices until recently. Then I took an amazing class from Robert Spellman in 2007 called “The Contemplative Artist: Meditation and Studio Practice”. That course changed my life and brought creativity flowing back to me.

Now, the intersection – I’m going to work on integrating Art and Life – the outcome? Unknown!