In the same way that we go through our days and lives integrating all kinds of stimuli, verbal and non-verbal information, to create a whole picture, I want to integrate my writing and my printmaking. It’s hard to make sense of the whole that is presenting itself at any given time without getting input from many senses and sources in our lives.

In that way, I’m experimenting with typing onto my prints. I have some lead type used for letterpress, and I arranged a word, ink it up by hand (no pun intended), and stamp it onto the print.

Here’s an example, using one of the large hand images that I printed a while ago.

Just as eyes are an access point into our inner selves, hands are an access point inside-out – they are a versatile appendage that can feel and grasp and hold and take – and give. Hands possess, and they show our possession to others. Fingers are binary digits, but are so sensitive that they can convey unlimited levels of interaction.

Close up of the type added to the print. I like being able to integrate small bits as I feel moved to.

[Note: I have a backlog of posts that I didn’t publish – I’m backdating the post to around the time that I worked on the print. Current date: 9-2015]