Archives for the month of: December, 2010

Cool happenings in 2010 (sabbatical + studio = creativity integration project & art coming back to life) provide fertile ground for artistic resolutions in 2011! Here they are:

  • Finish several large “hand” pieces, keep dialing in technique
  • Get imaginative with layering: layering ideas, layering papers & prints, layering technique & materials
  • Practice art+thought+technology: this blog, and twitter @talismanplace, @boulderart (given to me by Lindsey Cash)
  • Education: taking a screen printing class this spring, spurs new techniques, learning the field of printmaking

What are your creative resolutions…?

If you don’t feel like you have a concrete imaginative aspiration, one resolution could be to pick a creative “muse”. Who inspires you? What do you remember about creativity (art/design/architecture/music/etc) in your childhood? What are your passions? Pick one person/piece/event that stands out to you, and look more closely. Read about it, hang up a picture, get curious…

Happy New Year!!!

Organic intensity – Energy – and motion made visible – memories arrested in space – human needs and motives – acceptance.”  –Jackson Pollack, found written on the back of a photo of himself.

The act of writing this blog is a verbal representation of what I’m doing in my studio, which is a non-verbal process. And the two exercises are more different than I expected, but I think this particular process of developing the blog can be a channel between two realms.

When I started working more diligently in my studio, I found that I was tapping into another part of myself that was previously unreachable. In some ways, it was a break from what I started calling the “verbal” world, I could go in and do some work and come out realizing that I had not “thought” for a while, or at least I hadn’t thought about what needed to get done around the house, for work, in the future, etc. I let go of thoughts of past, of emotions, of verbal. And I tapped into what I was doing in the moment.

There is also another level of intelligence that be found in the non-verbal world, access to information, creativity, and solutions that only exist there, and tend to be more rich and amazing than my tangible, accessible answers. It’s because that world can reach through and permeate boundaries and knows both sides, whereas the verbal side only knows itself. The point is that I’m able to apply the understanding from the intangible artistic insights that I have to the rest of my life.

Note: I’ve seen this theme echoed by other artists, such as Yael Kanarek (porthole to her “World of Awe”) and Rebekah West (wonder, a permeable membrane).